The 101 things we can do that make a difference toward protecting our environment. If every person on the planet acted on all of these, imagine how many trees we would save.

Min says . . . what can you avoid putting out for hard rubbish day by recycling, resusing or up-cycling? Think about everything you buy.

The humble bar of soap versus soap in a bottle? No argument when you realise how much landfill soap bottles contribute too. Min says… make your own soap!

So much of our marine life is suffering from plastic waste. Take hope from the good news stories and spread the word.

Did you know if you examined one teaspoon of soil under a microscope, you would find about 1 billion microbes and 10,000 species?

Powerful owls are majestic birds. Their habitats are threatened, so they are moving into the suburbs. We must ensure they don’t eat rat bait.

Take hope from the wonderful global initiative to plant one trillion trees.