Lumin emotions

Min’s head swam. She felt as though she was caught in the epicentre of an emotional hurricane. She hadn’t eaten for what seemed like ecos, nor swallowed a drop despite Mica’s water surrounding her. But she was also furious. Chapter 39: Through the grief, Min Barklin and the Silver Radiants

Dealing with emotion

Lumins are sensitive, but rarely turbulent in how they handle their emotions, unless they are caught up in complete turmoil.  Mostly they live their lives to avoid such conditions.

They can be quick to anger, but it dissipates long before angry words.

They feel sad about lots of things happening in the world, but they rarely shed a tear unless a tree dies.  Then they cry immediately.

Sometimes, they’re grumpy or gloomy.  When they feel like this, they take themselves off for some self-counseling until they’re in a better mood and can return to their clan. Respect for one another is deeply ingrained, so they consider visiting their grumpiness or gloominess upon others as the height of discourtesy.

Lumins don’t have much reason to feel guilt or shame, as they’re naturally inclined to resolve issues before they become insoluble problems.

They rarely let pride or envy get in the way of living a cordial and courteous life with their fellow lumins, and would never let such feelings spoil a good outcome for all.

It is much more usual for a lumin to first seek harmony through kindness, collaboration, and open conversation.