The life of lumins colour

Before their mountain gum shed its bark, the Bark Lumins were coloured in similar hues to the tree’s rough brown bark and leaves, and well camouflaged.  Once the tree sheds its bark, they had to Turn colour to match its new colours, and go about their business, safely unseen. 

In the case of the Bark lumins, this coincided with their annual Bark Shedding festival.

By the end of the process, Min would look as if she was dressed in a pale cream silk, embroidered with silver, amethyst, and light green jewels.  From the original manuscript 2020.

Lumins are extremely adaptable. They can quickly evolve to camouflage themselves in whatever environment they live in, including turning colour, or developing luminosity.

They can turn any shade of colour from the deepest indigo and purple to gradiant shades of peach, mint, or grey to match their environment.  It’s a slow process, usually taking all 29 ecos of a full lunar cycle.