Life or lumins tears

‘‘No,’ Ottilyn groaned, ‘I had to tell you, but please, stop. Every single one of your tears is a precious resource for trees. You must not waste them. You know, if you allow this to become an Anguish, your tears will take many lunar cycles to regenerate.

Lanar took up his plea. ‘My dear lumins, if Ottilyn says we must save our tears it will be for a sound reason. Think of good things now, I beg you, and stop crying.‘

Min and the lumins did as they had been taught since ninghood. They wrapped their wings around their bodies and willed themselves to think beautiful thoughts.‘ From chapter 9, The Dark Dominion, Min Barklin and the Silver Radiants.

Lumins weep as soon as they hear of any tree dying or being burnt.  But unless their tears fall on a seed, sapling or even a mature tree, their tears are wasted.

When a lumin drops a tear onto a seed, the seed will instantly germinate and establish quickly.  If they fall on a sapling it will grow fast and flourish.  And any tears on a mature tree, will help it heal if it is wounded.  Which is why lumin tears are extremely precious.

If an Anguish takes place, where lumins are unable to contain their tears, their tears run out and take many lunar cycles to regenerate.